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U can touch my dream SC Z (Canny)

Zangersheide 2018, gelding

Untouchable x E star x Kashmir v. S.


Owner: Chiara Anelli

I met Susanna through a friend ..
I contacted her because I was looking for a horse and she was immediately available and attentive to my requests.
After a few days she starts sending me photos and videos of possible horses and she herself helps me in the choice by advising me on the right way and always showing me the positive and negative things of each type of horse.
After a few months I can finally take a plane and reach her in Belgium.
A wonderful person, available and above all sincere.
For the whole day that I was in Belgium she took me from stable to stable to show me as many horses as possible (time was short but she managed to show me many subjects) ..
One thing I noticed about Susanna is that she never tried to direct me to a horse of her, she never pushed a choice.
Canny was the first young horse I saw and I fell immediately in love with.
A horse of infinite sweetness, intelligent, with the classic look of a good horse.
A horse bred and broken with a wonderful method, which never did a bad thing, which never panicked for any reason, sweet, available and attentive to requests.
As soon as I saw him I decided that he would become my life partner.
Susanna in the meantime began the real work of saddle-broken and in a short time the little one arrived in Italy to me.
I couldn’t be happier, I have a wonderful horse by my side.
A horse that helps you, a horse that ” wants to do well ”.
I thank Susanna for raising my Canny so well and it makes me super proud that she keeps following him to see how he’s progressing.


S.I. 2013, female

Baloubet du Rouet x Dohitzun Guernica x Attack Z


Owner: Anna Brendolan

I met Balance in a very delicate moment, when after two bad horse accidents, I could no longer ride any horse other than my historical horse and I was determined to give up. By chance I went to try Balance. As soon as I ride her the sensation was wonderful; I trusted her from the first moment. She is a mare with an exceptional character, despite her seven years she really shows an enviable maturity, she never does a bad thing towards the rider and with her enormous confidence she fills all my uncertainties. In competition she doesn’t let herself be intimidated by anything, she always enters into the arena as a warrior, without any kind of uncertainty. In just one month we are making giant steps, she made me change my mind in this sport. I didn’t have the opportunity to meet Susanna in person, but despite this she was really super helpful and you can see how much she cares about her “children”, it is not easy to find people with such a heart in this world!

Unika dei Setteborghi

S.I. 2015, female

Ustinov x Lux x Darco

Setteborghi breeding

Owner: Martina Tartufari

My approach to Susanna’s work dates back to last year (summer 2018) when I contacted her for information on a filly that I had seen on the site. We met a few days later talking about what I was looking for and she guided me towards a choice that he thought best suited to my “needs” and so it was. I have been the owner of Unika dei Setteborghi for almost a year now and, up to now, I can be more than satisfied with my choice to entrust myself to Susanna who has shown a great deal of competence and attention both to my requests and, as is clear by entering in her stable, to the growth of Unika in its first years of life, a skill that I consider necessary on the growth of foals and from which I reap the rewards every day that passes.
As we all know, it is not so obvious to find people so involved and passionate about their work that they do not concentrate only and exclusively on the sale of many horses as possible but interested in the future of their horses, their training and the ultimate scoop of creating balanced combinations also thanks to its transparency and availability.


S.I. 2009, female

Corland x Papillon Rouge x Ramiro

Setteborghi breeding

Owner: Antonella Iannotta

I purchased Corlight at 6 years old, she is a very helpful and generous mare in the job, she is very committed both at home and during competitions. Although I didn’t have much experience in the first degree categories, Corlight grew up with me and helped me to face them with serenity and confidence. Furthermore, she is a very sensitive and kind mare towards people and children in particular.

Arysa dei Setteborghi

S.I. 2010, female

Athletico x Fougueux x Arlequin

Setteborghi breeding

Owner: Beatrice Rigolio

I was looking for a female filly of good genealogy and beautiful morphology and I found what I was looking for at Setteborghi breeding! I found in the person of Susanna, who at the time was at the head of the place, a very competent, helpful, and above all honest person! I immediately understood that I was dealing with a person who breeds with a lot of passion and heart. And in fact I was not wrong, because the mare is now giving me so many satisfactions that I did not even imagine, from all points of view, not only sports!

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