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I started breeding in 2005 as person in charge of the Setteborghi Breeding owned by the Adolescere Foundation in Italy. Following a lot of trips abroad and studying the crossings of some of the best European breeding farms, the idea was immediately to work on a limited but high quality number of subjects, both for their sports performances (jumpers of international competitions) and for their important maternal lines. In September 2018 I was selected for the “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur” project of the European Community (VIDEO) and I moved to Belgium for further in-depth work on breeding techniques. Once the project was finished, I gave life to SC BREEDING.

The crossings

I have always tried to choose the crosses ad hoc keeping in mind the strengths and weaknesses of the mares. Through the study of their production I look for the most suitable stallion: important information comes from the possibility to ride both mothers and their sons, from the comparison with the riders who have worked with my products or who are riding horses from the genetics that I am following and from participation in a lot of breeding events abroad where you can observe the productions of the stallions and the different crosses.

Working method

since the first birth in 2006, I want to create the basis for building a relationship of mutual trust between foals and humans. In this way the horses grow calm, with a great desire to learn and make themselves available to their rider. In fact, from the first hours of birth, foals are accustomed to contact with man. They are handled with care, immediately getting them used to the classic “cleaning and daily government operations” (halter, body and foot cleaning, shower, transport …). At the same time, foals live their natural life sharing spaces and activities with the other breeding subjects.
After years this method of work has given me a great deal of satisfaction: both for the results obtained by the horses I have bred and for customer feedback and it remains a solid base of my breeding also here in Belgium.
I then consider the « broken activity » to be fundamental for the future sport development of foals, a work that I have personally carried out since the beginning of my professional activity in the breeding world.

The care and food

“Mens sana in corpore sano” with recourse mainly to naturopathy (homeopathic products, phytotherapy, Bach flowers ..). Nutrition is balanced in relation to the growth phase and the needs of each individual. Furthermore, only herbal products are used as supplements.

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